We are a family owned and operated residential pool cleaning and pool maintenance service. We provide a no hassle, contract free, pool service.


Life is too short to clean your own pool

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We currently have available spots open in South Venice! Including IslandWalk!

Popular places like IslandWalk and Grand Paradiso fill up fast! If you live in or close by these areas please get your info in now! Fill out our form below to save your spot, get a FREE quote and Water Test!

Pool Maintenance Services

We are here to help you relax and put pure enjoyment in owning a pool. Our weekly pool cleaning and maintenance service ensures that your water chemistry is balanced to not only keep a crystal clear swimming pool year round, but to also protect the life and longevity of your pool surface and equipment.

  • Pool Cleaning Services:
  • Skim Water
  • Net Debris
  • Brush Pool
  • Clean Out Skimmer
  • Clean Pump Basket
  • Clean Filter
  • Check Over Entire System
  • Salt Cell Adjustments
  • Timer Adjustments
  • Heater Temp Adjustments
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About Us

With our 20 years of local pool cleaning service experience, product knowledge and providing professional service in the swimming pool industry, we can assure you that our family takes great pride in servicing your pool and protecting the life of your investment, like it's our own!

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Prices Start at $100.00 per month

We have open spots in our schedule for areas that need pool cleaning south of Osprey. Current pool route openings in South Venice and North Port. IslandWalk and Grand Paradiso.

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Serving - North Venice to North Port

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